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No Hunger is too big, no person is too small.  Just like Jack-Jack has powers despite his small size. It’s CANCredible how together we CAN provide INCREDIBLE powers to attack hunger, one community at a time. 

Can Count: 5,296

Shopping List:
2076 (5 oz cans) Stater Bros Premium Chunk Chicken Breast 
1212 (14.5 oz cans) Hunt’s® Stewed Tomatoes 
840 (15 oz cans) Hunt’s® Tomato Sauce 
360 (15 oz cans) Trader Joe’s Organic Baked Beans  
360 (15 oz cans) Value Time Sweet Peas 
168 (15 oz cans) Conagra Ranch Style Beans 
96 (5 oz cans) Great Value Chunk Light Tuna 
69(5 oz cans) Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon  
60 (15 oz cans) S&W Cannellini White Kidney Beans  
55 (4.25 oz cans) Mario Sliced Black Olives 

Dan Bianco 
Clark Davis 
Richard Jimenez 
Kyle Rausch 
John Doan 

Special Shout-Out and Heartfelt Thank You to Our Sponsors and Supporters:
Trader Joe’s Brea Store for coordinating the other stores to donate 30 cases of Organic Baked Beans, Stater Bros for providing special pricing and delivery. We would also like to give our sponsors and business partners a big shout-out! Thank you  Dur-A-Flex, Behr, Design West Engineering for your generous donation. We couldn't have done it without your support!
Special Thanks to our Core Team and the other Team Members who worked tirelessly to make our CANCredible build possible! (in alphabetical order)
Nick Caniglia, Heather Farias, Howard Hong, Miguel Ibarra, Kash Shah, Willie Maloles, JR Medina, Bernard Mercado, Grant Miller, Cameron Nichols, Trenton Vail, Bryan Vanderzee & family, Joanna Vasquez, Lydia Wong & to anyone else who we may have missed or would like to remain anonymous.

ABOUT Canstruction® Voting 2018

Voting has closed. Any donations received after will still benefit our OC Food Bank.

However, they will not count towards the People's Choice Award.

Thank you for your support!

See you next year!

Name Date Amount Comments
Joanne Haye 09/26/2018 $20.00 Way to go JRMA!
Anonymous Friend 09/13/2018 $20.00  
Anonymous Friend 09/06/2018 $30.00 Give more food, love, kindness & gratitude.
Anonymous Friend 09/05/2018 $40.00 Go Jack-Jack using more canned food than pudding
Not2many Medina 09/04/2018 $40.00  
  Total $150.00